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The mission of Advisor Unlimited is to showcase the “life and times” of the people who make the financial services industry in Canada one of the strongest and most innovative in the world, using original and exclusive content. Canadian financial planners, advisors, specialists, and managers can enjoy insights that dive deep into the people and companies that drive this success, both in the creation and distribution of financial services.

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Meet the Team

Geoff Kirbyson

Geoff Kirbyson

Michael Van Lierop

Michael van Lierop Founder,
204-306-4NOW (4669)

Martin Luc Derome
Martin Luc Derome,
Finance & Administration Director
204-889-1189, ext. 200

Yevheniia Vostrikova
Production Director

Myra Fletcher

Myra Fletcher
Distribution Director


Ghislaine Moffitt
Designer & Artist

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